Balaji Viswanathan – CEO – Invento Robotics

“We (Invento) are often replacing vacuum. Robots bring no more layoffs than washing machines do. Robots can do jobs that we are not doing now: taking care of elders—the alternative is loneliness, pain, and hardships. Playing with children on the ground—the present alternative is TV. Doing security—present alternative is crimes. Doing customer service—present alternative is confusion.”- Mr. Balaji Viswanathan […]

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Hitesh Dhingra, The Million Dollar Man

‘The million dollar man’, read the title of The Telegraph, when the e-commerce domain witnessed an unexpected phenomenon. A small startup which catered to the needs of electronic goods including laptops, computers, speakers, digital thermometers and accessories, got acquired by Flipkart for about 125 crores. Yes! We are talking about Hitesh Dhingra. A serial entrepreneur, […]

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Speaker Snapshot – Dr. B.R. Shetty

Born in Udupi, Karnataka, Dr. B.R. Shetty completed his pharmaceutical education in India and went on to serve as the Vice-Chairman of the Municipal Council in Udupi, where most of his work revolved around improving the health and quality of the life of people. During these years he was actively engaged in providing sanitary facilities, […]

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Collaboration with Makeintern

The i5 Summit 2018, IIM Indore is proud to announce a collaboration with Makeintern! In the words of Makeintern itself, “Real Growth Comes From Real Experience”. The organisation provides internship opportunities and professional courses for students and those looking for a career change. This collaboration will provide increased opportunities for students with innovative solutions to […]

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i5 Summit 2018 – Coming Soon!

The i5 Summit 2017 was a resounding success, which saw a footfall of 2500+ students from all over the country. A record number of startups applied for the flagship event, GetFunded, with 15 being selected for the final presentations to the investors. A number of speakers who have achieved great success in all walks of […]

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Speaker Check: Venktesh Shukla

Venktesh Shukla, or Venk as he is fondly called, is a General Partner at Monta Vista Capital, President of Foundation for Excellence since 24 years and the ex-chairman of The Indus Entrepreneurs (TiE). As president of TiE, he presided over one of the most powerful networks focused on technology startups in Silicon Valley and the […]

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Speaker Check: Aaron Friedland

Aaron Friedland is the founder and executive director of The Walking School Bus, an organization that empowers children with access to education, nutrition, and curriculum across the world. Its website reads: “Every day, over half a million students in Uganda alone walk over 5 kilometres to attain an education. These students walk through some of […]

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Speaker Check: Rajiv Srivatsa

A first-generation entrepreneur, Srivatsa never planned to enter the start-up space at first. Born and brought up in Chennai, he studied engineering at IIT Madras. He graduated in 2000 and then immediately started work with Infosys in the same city. After being there for two years as a software engineer, Srivatsa decided to add to […]

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Speaker Check: S Subramanyeswar

Subramanyeswar leads the Strategic Planning function of Lowe Lintas in India. He has spent two decades in advertising and marketing, having worked at Wipro, Publics Communications (as the National Planning Director), Rediffusion Y&R, and Saatchi & Saatchi in the markets of India, US and UK. Some of the leading brands and companies whose branding he […]

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Entrepreneurship in India

Entrepreneurship has had a long and colourful history in India, right from the Swadeshi Movement to the Startup India Movement. While the Swadeshi Movement was fuelled by patriotism, the Startup India Movement was fuelled by the desire for growth and innovation. Perhaps our motives for engaging in entrepreneurship have changed over time, but now the […]

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